Services for Authors


Full Manuscripts (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Manuscript Critiquing

This includes a close reading of your manuscript and a global editorial analysis (minimum 5-7 pages) focusing on elements of plot, character, theme, world building, pacing, and potential issues in grammar/syntax. Once you’ve had a chance to review the development analysis, we will set up a one-hour phone call or video chat session to discuss the next steps.

Comprehensive Edit

For manuscripts determined to be in very strong condition, I will provide a full manuscript critique and specific page notes. These are granular comments which focus on detailed specifics of character, pacing, plotting, internal consistency, and grammar/diction from page to page. This option also includes a one-hour phone call or video chat session following delivery of the edit. 

Line Editing and Proofreading

A comprehensive edit at the sentence level that hones in on syntax and grammar. 

*Line editing is only available as part of the manuscript critique and comprehensive edit packages or for manuscripts determined ready for this stage.


Services for Agents and Publishers

I am available to agents and publishers for a variety of services including:

Manuscript editing



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