Joy Hui Lin

I am a freelance book editor, writer, and researcher based in Southern California.  

My love of storytelling has led me to spend over a decade writing and editing for magazines, books, and other media like films and commercials. I've edited nonfiction manuscripts and fiction manuscripts. 

My peripatetic background has led me to write and edit in Stockholm, London, and America. I've worked as an editor for Lobby Design, the Kensington & Chelsea Review, and various book clients. My interests are extremely varied. I have an affinity for literary fiction, but I am devoted to all great writing in genres across the board. There's a special place in my heart for immigrant stories, and anything related to food, adventure, and sports.

I've written for outlets such as Los Angeles Magazine, Vice, Islands Magazine, and Saveur Magazine, Time Out, among others. I am a loyal graduate of Amherst College (BA in English literature focusing on creative writing and poetry/Pre-Med) and participant in University of Arkansas Fayetteville's MFA Creative Writing program, and creative writing teacher for Writers and Poets In The Schools.
My keen storytelling abilities and analytical bent brings an incisive eye and enthusiasm to all of my projects. To me, editing is a thrilling combination of diligence, collaboration, and growth. I enjoy building rapport with an author and their vision and together, taking their book to new heights.
I hope you’ll consider working with me.


I offer both hourly and per word rates, depending on the project. Please contact me for further information